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Komodo's MUGEN page



Vegeta (Super Butouden 2)                    Goku (Super Butouden 2)                  Cell (Super Butouden 2)
          download                                                 download                                           download


Gohan (Super Butouden 2)                      Adult Gohan (Super Butouden 3)
          download                                                      download



Planet Vegeta (edited from Super Butouden 2)              Planet Namek (edited from The Call of Destiny/Sega Genesis)
 download                                music                                download                                  music

Clouds of Earth (edited from Super Butouden 3)
 download                                   music


                               title screen                                                                       versus screen

                         select screen 15 chars                                            select screen 2 (up to 300 chars)

                       Lifebars and win icons

Super Butouden 1 screenpack

 download                          musics1         musics2         musics3

to install (directions provided by GohanSSM2 so you know who to yell at if these
directions are messed up - all praise goes to Komodo - all "you screwed that up"
goes to GohanSSM2):

1) Unzip the file into your data directory (or inside data\sb1 directory if desired).
1a) If in data\sb1 directory use the 'mugen -r sb1' command line to start MUGEN.
2) Unzip the sb1in1, sb1in2, sb1in3 zip files into the same directory.
3) Use WinRar on the arj file that was extracted in step 2.
4) Inside those arj files is another zip file and a file inside the zip file.
    The files inside the zip file go into the sound directory of MUGEN.
    There should be 3 mp3 files that are extracted.
5) Note: there is an already made select.def file. Change to fit your needs. Also,
    unlike other screenpacks, this select.def isn't all laid out. It doesn't need to be
    and just add characters as you feel fit. The default select.def holds up to 15
    characters (see select screen pic above). The system1.def file allows up to 300
6) Note2: 'system1.def' allows up to 300 characters. Just rename 'system.def' to
    'system2.def' and rename 'system1.def' to 'system.def' in that order and you
    will be all set. Use blank names (like blank) to make spaces for the big portraits
    (if desired) in the 'select.def'.
7) Note 3: The Dragonballs for win icons:
    1 - Normal Win
    2 - Special Win
    3 - Hyper Win
    4 - Win by Throw
    5 - Win by Cheese
    6 - Time Over Win
    7 - Suicide (opponent kills dumb self)
    8 - (no stars) some team win match thing
8) Screenpack for use with v04.14.2001 MUGEN and not for LINUX version.

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